Tuesday, August 25, 2009

H1N1 Vaccines

Maybe I'm becoming too cynical, but this headline just really caught my attention, and then when I got to read some of the comments and questions regarding the apparent decisions of Health and Human Services, I just really wanted to go on a tangent. But I thought better of that. No sense taking one comment out of hundreds and bantering about that endlessly. The world already has one Glenn Beck, and he's more than enough! Back to the H1N1, or swine flu vaccine. With all the animal rights groups, we no longer test pharmaceuticals on animals, no, this is being tested on children!!! And parents are signing the kids up for it. They trust the "scientific authorities." Well, I've noticed every generation since the advent of vaccines has developed some pretty serious auto immune and chronic illnesses. Of course the "scientific authorities" say there is no correlation to increased percentage, but I don't bow down in faith to the medical community and authority of scientific research. Then in the comments portion beneath the article, some person wrote in concerned that children and pregnant women would receive vaccinations before their 92 year old mother. I have the perfect idea. Since the American tradition has now become to take care of the old ones ahead of the children, since America's older generations have never had a chance in life . . . let's give all the adults who think they should be first, the chance to test these vaccines to see if they are safe for the children! Besides being greedy and materialistic, perhaps the problem with America, is our lack of concern for the children.
If I would make clear what it is like, I would say, You are false to the generation of your children. a Psalm of Holy Scripture
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