Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Social Media: A Kinder Gentler Warmongering

While we are mocking each other, regarding the extremes that have not yet taken place, we're missing the point that some serious changes have come and we are simply and completely desensitized.  Although I don't have my tin foil hat, at the ready, I don't believe all the conspiracy theories are "only theories," and I truly believe the division is serving as a distraction, while everyone dividing is feeling quite elite and superior in their perspective.  America is a part of the feet of iron mixed with clay, mentioned in the book of Daniel.  We are a warmongering annex of ancient Rome, that according to Daniel, has yet to be disestablished, and our warmongering is now, primarily aimed at our fellow Americans.  I truly believe our warmongering is going to increase and be much less kinder and gentler.  Social media certainly serves as a glimpse of the battle ground.

The reasons to become enraged continue to grow, but the foundation for the reasons are what used to be referred to as the three taboo subjects of polite society; politics, religion, and sex.

Religious differences quickly become grounds for "unfriending and blocking" in social media.  In the past year, everyone who has blocked me, actually claims to share the same beliefs I have, but I'm not believing them the way they believe I should be believing; therefore in "love," they choose to unfriend and block.  "Love thy neighbor as thyself" seems to lose something in the translation between the Leather bound Bible and e-sword . . . and yet, goes unnoticed, or even justified.

Moving right along to the political differences.  Politics now covers so much power and control, it's practically a religion unto itself, and many folks hold to "their leaders" as servants of G-d.  Scripture does tell us that kings are put in position by our Creator, but Scripture also tells us, not every king was righteous!  Sometimes, we simply get the leaders we deserve!  Americans, for the most part, seem to truly believe their party is G-d's favorite . . . and the leaders who are elected reflect His favor, as well as His disdain.  So, if you are conservative, Trump is a blessing (sort of,) if you are liberal, Trump is judgment.  It was the same with Obama, only reversed.  Even atheistic Obama fans, quoted Scripture, and of course, the disappointed conservatives, sorrowed.  I will make this one simple statement.  America hasn't repented, so the idea that either party is being blessed may just be a matter of delusional pride.

Let's talk about sex for just a moment.  In political correctness, I am what would be now referred to as heteronormative cisgender.  Those are not the pronouns of my choice!  I'm a woman in a woman's body.  It's not a perfect body, but then I'm not a perfect woman.  Although, I do base my views of life on Scripture, as the daughter of an electrician, the identification and connection seem relatively simple.   Two male connections will not work, neither will two female.  It's not religious judgment, it's simple science.  But that doesn't stop the name calling and horrific videos shared promoting the gay agenda, or as I call it, "operation confusion."  To be honest, I don't really want to see heterosexual videos promoted, either.  While folks are talking of "coming out of the closet," as far as I'm concerned, all "sexuality" needs to just stay in the bedroom.  I don't have a problem with facts and function, but the rest is really just between a couple and their Creator.

I do want to also mention one of the first divisions I really noticed amongst my social media peers, and that was over Operation Jade Helm.  I reported on it, blogged about it, and continue to see condescending comments, here and there indicating those of us who were concerned were simply over reacting to summer exercises.  The old "move along, nothing to see here," worked for those who still believe the system isn't changing.  I wasn't expecting an official declaration of martial law, but rather a desensitizing of John Q. Public, and of course division.  Jade Helm seems to actually have served to desensitize, distract, and divide the public regarding the fact that our police force and sheriff's departments are now militarized.  I'm not saying, cops are bad, I'm saying they are militarized.

Social media seems to offer an interesting perspective of the various divisions that truly are prevalent in our culture, but most people would be less apt to say these things face to face, although I do know a few folks in real time that have no filter.  Our culture truly is divided, divisive, and becoming more vocal.  Political correctness is certainly the backdoor demise of Free Speech.  Why is it, we can no longer have different views, different politics, and different beliefs, without being hateful about it?

 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.  ~  Messiah
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