Monday, September 26, 2016

The Media Coverage of Malheur vs. Standing Rock

The ranchers were steadily in the news earlier this year while the Sioux of North Dakota, not so much.  Do you wonder why that is?  Obviously there is big government and big money involved, but my query led to the media.  Why would the media give practically round the clock coverage to a group of "cowboys" staying in an empty wildlife center miles from any town, while including daunting adjectives; yet Native Americans have been camping for months with their families and others joining them, only to receive very scant coverage, at best?  The one difference that I should mention is:  The Standing Rock Protest began on private land, while Malheur is federally owned.  Federal used to mean "of the people . . ."

To cause division is the difference and division of the people is the goal.  An accusation of racism has been attempted, but there are just too many people in this country who have Native ancestry or are married to someone who does.  Who can be racist against Native Americans without having a family feud on their hands?  Besides, it's politically correct and rather trendy to have Native ancestry, so this issue just won't fit in the racism box.  I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard a blue eyed blond share that their great grandma was an Indian princess.

Big Oil is so greedy and invasive to so many on both sides of the aisle, Bernie and Trump supporters can find a mutual ground against Big Oil.  No one is really talking about the fact that the possibility of contaminating the longest river in the country is at stake with this pipeline.  Can you imagine an oil spill in the longest river of the country?  Is that a potential crisis the government won't let go to waste . . . ?  Now that Bayer and Monsanto are discussing a merger, we don't need Big Oil and Big Gov't in charge of the water.   The Protectors at Standing Rock are just not a divisive issue for the media to use to manipulate the masses.

The ranchers, however; are another matter.  Besides the fact, their protest was spontaneous and poorly planned, it divided the conservatives.  Some conservatives determined the ranchers were at fault and belong in jail, while others see the BLM as today's American "brown shirts."  The potential for conservative division is what gave the ranchers more media coverage.  I watched a couple of Wild Bill's videos as he vacillate across both ends of the spectrum, for his 15 minutes of fame on the subject; but his last video that I viewed on the subject, lost him more than one subscriber.  Dividing over the land just seemed to lay the foundation for the further division of the conservatives through this very unusual presidential campaign.

The liberal side of the country seemed pretty much in agreement and openly hostile toward the ranchers.  I was unfriended by a few on social media over the issue, but I don't really consider that relevant.  The "friends" I've lost over various religious and political issues will be remembered when the excrement hits the oscillating device.  Those of us who have come to unity in our understanding are cherished.  I've learned a great deal from a great many people, and been able to share, as well.

The division is being spread and fed, like gasoline on a wildfire.  Just as Standing Rock was gaining a bit of mainstream media coverage, the racial rioting began again, and the coverage has been wide spread.  As a journalist, I do try to cover the lesser known stories and issues, but I am obviously biased in my articles . . . all of them.  I'm not going to describe my view or writing as "fair and balanced" as Fox News has completely redefined the meaning of both of those terms.

There are some of us who are simply trying to let the Other 1% know they are few in number, but they are not alone.

 Hear thou, my son, and be wise, and guide thine heart in The Way.  a Proverb of Holy Scripture

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