Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Last Amendment Standing

The powers that be have their sights set on the second amendment.
                                   And the are relentless in their endeavor.   

A few weeks ago we offered an article addressing what little is actually left of the Bill of Rights.  Recent history has caused the Bill of Rights to become pretty emaciated.  Much of the loss of freedom and rights can be attributed to the USA Patriot Act and Homeland Security, but the reality is, it began before 9/11.  The War on Drugs, the War on Poverty, and Education and Welfare Programs of the Great Society are also a part of the demise of the Bill of Rights.  

One of the most troubling parts about targeting the second amendment are the number of subjective variables that could be assigned to the full demise of this right, being embraced by those who who were once staunchly Pro-Second Amendment.  It's as if there has been some sort of hypnotic trance placed over a great number of second amendment democrats and even stranger yet; over many young conservatives.  

In the past fifty years, we've seen "events" and read headlines that seem to trigger the outcry for the loss and removal of freedom under the guise of safety.  The reality that citizens are willing to give up their freedom in the pretense of safety is mindboggling.  If we willingly set aside the Bill of Rights, all other freedoms that weren't even mentioned in that document, will be lost as well.  
The two issues that continue to be introduced to limit gun ownership are mental health and senior citizens ability to maintain their own affairs.  As our nation continues to worship the gods of health care and Big Pharma continues to gain in money and power, there will be few if any citizens that do not fall into some category or label in the DSM-V.  Every veteran will have some sort of label, as will every hormonal woman, and vaccinated child.  Then we must consider the fact that schools receive more federal funding for labeled children, and a real bonus for medicated ones, as do long term health care facilities.  There is big, big money in a labeled, dysfunctional society, until . . . everyone "requires" care and maintenance.  As for senior citizens managing their own affairs.  With the advancement in technology, it could become very difficult for seniors to manage electronic financial transactions that they've done with checks and cash for years, but that should hardly disqualify them from hunting.  When that time comes, and it's rapidly approaching, gun ownership will be a real hindrance to corralling the citizens.   

Obviously, history shows us, our leaders are in much more potential peril than the average citizen, and yet it is average citizens being gunned down in "gun free zones" while our leaders are obviously making disgruntled political enemies; surround themselves with folks carrying guns.  Something else I've noticed as of late in all this "gun control" conversation.  Usually a threat to any leader makes headlines.  We've had "incident after incident" reported around the country, but the leaders just keep making enemies and being safe, surrounded by guns.  As a matter of fact, when innocent lives are reported lost at the hands of lone gunman, the people who are surrounded by armed guards always suggest gun ownership to be the problem.  Research indicates 1 in 3 Americans own at least one gun.  Clearly, the ratio between gun ownership and gun deaths have little place even on the same graph.  

Drugs appear to be a greater factor in murders, than gun ownership.  While on the subject of drugs and guns, according to one of the Presidential Candidates nearly a half million Americans die annually from medical errors.  According to this article, and there are many more with similar information, the third leading cause of death in America is medical errors.  Where's the outrage?  Where is the call to hold these practitioners accountable?  Where is the call to more extensive FDA and Big Pharma control?  Where is the legislation to get serious about the safety and use of pharmaceuticals?  I'll end my rant on pharmakeia and get back to the Second Amendment.      

This may sound conspiratorial, but I truly believe any rational individual will give this some consideration.  If our government is willing to send young people to fight in wars with no purpose, without consideration of the death toll; then bring back the survivors and offer them little to no care or time of recovery, what makes anyone believe the general citizens are more important or will be better treated?  If dedicated soldiers are dispensable, what makes the citizenry of such great value?  I'm not wearing a tinfoil hat, but one does have to consider the possibility that false flags and choreographed drills could be used to enact legislation.  We all admit we don't believe our media and trust few politicians, yet when it comes to these reported shootings and a call to lay down arms, the sheople are getting into formation.

. . . Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?  the Revelation of Holy Scripture

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