Sunday, October 04, 2015

Coming Together to Oppose

Now that Operation Jade Helm 15 has "officially ended" I haven't noticed convoys of military equipment and vehicles on the road en mass.  So, is the military presence just going to remain where the "exercises" took place?  That was my assumption all along, but sadly our citizenry chose to divide by extreme on this topic, as well.  Since I've already survived the references of "fear-monger" and "conspiracy theorist" I'm going to proceed a bit further on this matter.  Last month I wrote about how much power one corporation had.  Now I'd like to address how often and how many places we are coming together, yet in opposition.  This idea just kind of snuck up on me.  What if the one world power sucks most of the world in with something to "be against?"  What if all but the elect truly believe they are taking a noble humanitarian stand against evil?

I've made myself a check list and begun to give very serious consideration to the thought, perhaps I've said enough against some things.  I've railed against Monsanto and Mainstream medicine for years now.  I've even made a point to offer Scriptural solutions, so when the time comes to form some sort of world alliance against GMOs or vaccinations, I'll just take a pass on that club.  Obviously, unifying us on what we don't like could be very inviting.  Demonstrating our disdain is so popular, an unconfirmed rumor is floating around the internet that Facebook is adding a "dislike" button.  Isn't that going to work well through an election year?  I also read that so many "dislikes" will result in the removal of the post.  What a subtle form of censorship.  If that's true, it's likely that many of us will never see a number of posts.  The disagreeable will rule!

The Pope's visit brings yet another angle to this coming together in opposition.  You'd think Christians being martyred would be more pressing than global warming, but as of yet, not with the Pope.  I do find it sadly strange that his visit aligns with Yom Kippur as he makes no mention of true repentance of sin.  What if the Pope has a number of "good causes" . . . which so far he hasn't mentioned, but what if he attempts to bring us all together with the UN and 2030 Agenda against ISIS?  Demonstrating the long renown cliche in America of voting for the "lesser of two evils."  The lesser of two evils is still evil.  The thought of joining any global group in opposition to a global threat may find those folks in the position of bowing down to an image of a "good cause" but still an image of a One World Order.  The global war on terror declared in 2001 has only served to destabilize the Middle East, spread radical Islam, and put Israel in greater harm.

Coming together in unity for repentance, seems nearly impossible on every hand.  Those of us observing Yom Kippur can't even agree on the day, but at least this year, we're not arguing about it.  It seems, between Shabbats, there will be four days of various ones of us repenting . . . Arguing just requires more repentance, and truth be told we've got bigger matters for which we should repent like national horrors and disgraces from which we've piously distanced ourselves.  How about all the Planned Parenthood awareness?  Now, none of us can cry ignorance.  That blood just covered a lot more hands! The blood is no longer just on the hands of the abortionist and the woman, but on anyone who benefits from the research utilizing fetal tissue.

We can already find a dozen social issues for which we are adamantly against.  I remember several years ago being part of a gospel music team in which the founders could find something wrong with every denomination they left . . . It didn't take long to discover, finding fault is a far cry from fellowship!  We simply must be cautious in joining any movement against social or religious ills.  Coming together in opposition is fine for a single event of protest, but not for a movement to gain momentum.  It's time to follow Messiah, stand for the truth and stay in the shelter of the Almighty.  Things are getting crazy and it's a global mess!

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. . . With long life will I satisfy him, and show him Y'hshuwah.  first and last of the 91st Psalm

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