Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Equal Opportunity Offender

I love people, but I am not terribly sociable.  I am friendly and always say hello, but I feel awkward as soon as the small talk begins, always have.  I have strong convictions and I make every effort to live by them.  I do long for greater fruit of the Spirit regarding gentleness, as I tend to be rather forthright and blunt.  My attitude is changing though, as to how to direct the gentleness I would like to display in my life.  There are a few groups of folks that I will no longer be handling with kid gloves.  I've really been heavy hearted about the children of this nation and world and it's time all the adults with a voice, wise up and speak up.

I've been noticing for years now, the so called "tolerant" are most intolerant of anyone with convictions.  I no longer care if you tolerate me or not, I'm not giving up my convictions.  Last Friday, when the SCOTUS declared their self-exaltation to overrule Scripture, I noticed two things immediately.  It seemed the colorful "party favors" at the taxpayers expense were already in place.  Nobody is going to convince me that all those colored lights were ordered and installed that same day!  Second, I realized all the states that had voted down same sex marriage have been overruled by five people who were never elected.  Americans are not represented in the government, and the three branches do not keep each other in check, at all!

Once those ideas settled in, I then became very politically aware that I needed to add the word "rainbow" to my sentence describing the White House as now the Colored House.  More political correctness.  Which of course, brought me to how very far we've NOT come, racially.  Rather than everyone living and letting live, we've found even more ways to be racially divided and offended.  The race card continues to be well played and this brown woman is sick and tired of it!  Racism is wrong, reverse racism is wrong.  Children are not born racist.  Racism is taught by very small minded people and reverse racism is rallied, also by very small minded people.

As for all the new gender bender identity issues, I'm just not playing.  I still remember when Bruce Jenner won the Gold in 1976.  He'll never be anyone but Bruce to me. and I refuse to use female pronouns.  He's openly referred to still having "that little thing" and has not discussed "reassignment" surgery.  So, although he may refer to his male genitalia as "that little thing" when it comes to sexual identity, size doesn't matter.  If you have male genitalia, you are a "he."  If you came equipped with female anatomy, you are a "she."  In all this sexually open talk in our society, it's very simple.  I'll use plumbing and electrical terms.  Parts that point outward and fit into another part is male.  Fittings that are hollow and connect around another part are female.  See how easy that is!  Any questions?  

Now as for gay marriage.  Sexual sin is rampant in many forms and the Bible has quite a bit to say about heterosexual sin.  I've not participated in homosexual sin, but I've certainly been guilty of heterosexual fornication, and that's sin also.  Torah does allow for divorce, so all I can say is, I've repented, I've been forgiven.  I've worn mixed threads in my clothing, but I stopped doing that too, and yes I've had, probably, just about every non-kosher meat there is, but I've repented and kept kosher now for 20 years, and fornication went out the window even before I became Torah observant.

I was under the impression, truly I was, that becoming a Christian meant Torah no longer applied.  I've since seen the light, repented and been forgiven.  Homosexual sin is not the unpardonable sin, but it is sin and the only way to be forgiven is to repent.  Now I'm a married heterosexual in a very strained and estranged relationship.  We are not equally yoked spiritually, and mutually not attracted to each other, but Mr. B does not want a divorce, so since I'm still legally married, sex with anyone else would be adultery.  I've been living celibate for 8 years now, and I'm still alive to tell about it.  Regardless of the changes in the law to accommodate the LGBT, etc. it's just never going to be enough!  "Suck it up buttercup" and stop all your sniveling!  Several years before this last marriage I was celibate.  I've found myself attracted to other men, but acting upon that attraction would be sin.

And stop comparing this to civil rights for blacks.  It is not the same!  It's not even comparing apples to oranges!  Skin color is a physical characteristic, sexual behavior is a choice.  So, LGBT, nobody is telling you have to like the opposite sex, it's just sin if you keep having sex with the same sex.   I refer to myself as a disenfranchised heterosexual.  Add that one to the gender identity glossary.

So Elohim created man in His own image, in the image of Elohim created He him; male and female created He them.  Torah of Holy Scripture
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