Sunday, April 06, 2014

The Division of the People

What if both sides of the aisle and religious vs. non religious quit calling each other hypocrites or heathens just long enough to consider this idea.

How much genuine good could be done for the people both groups claim to care about, if the money spent on the "Obama vacations" and the Sunday morning "take of the mega church" were used to actually help people?  Then if we got just a glimpse of how well that went, we could consider expanding that plan to all of the political leeches in Washington, and the big religious names that don't have a church and just travel extravagantly for their "living."

If one stops and listens, not necessarily, even closely, the difference, is yet similarly striking.  It's both political and religious, even sounding like a core passion for many.  I'll start with the "conservative" label first, because I know more of them, and they call me a liberal.  The people who find the Obamas to be financially extravagant and irresponsible to voters, defend to the death, the right for the big ministry names to have their extravagance and owe no accountability to government or to those who donate.

Now, on to those who identify as liberal, who by the way, call me conservative . . . These folks loyally defend the Obama's extravagance with every breath, and are very quick to point out the mega name religious millionaires, and the financial mismanagement of the conservative political party.   Every time Nancy Pelosi says something outrageously ridiculous, a businessman who is outspoken about his religious beliefs finds himself in the crosshairs of the media.

Then, of course, there are the hot button issues that spin every election cycle, and both sides appear to be oblivious to the fact they are being played.  What I've noticed, is the division in the people is over the exact same issue.  What's okay for one group is based purely upon who they like, not the reality of the action.  Meanwhile, some real behind the scenes power continues to press on toward "the agenda."  While the divided people argue over their opinion of what is wasteful spending, wealth and power are being accumulated and exercised behind the scenes.

The political parties are two wings on the same bird, and most reports of the big name ministries are openly flagrant about their love of money.  I realize, both sides of the aisle can accuse the other of mismanagement of funds and extravagance, but the accusations don't change the fact that widows are struggling and children go to bed hungry.  The average people are being divided for the conquering . . .Time to stop being "played."

There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.  a Proverb of Holy Scripture
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