Monday, April 21, 2014

Authoritarian Aristocrats

Whether it's Halliburton, ENN or Contracts with Big Oil, politicians fair well when the government flexes its authoritarian military muscles.  What truly boggles my mind, though, is the blind loyalty based upon political party.  I've gained the perspective and it is my own bias, that if anyone can truly see a different direction from opposite sides of the aisle, they have an amazing imagination.  Whether warlords or landlords or just bought and paid for aristocrats, American politicians appear to be concerned with their own self-interests, and they all seem to share a common perspective of the citizenry.   I believe the leadership of both parties view their constituents as gullible serfs or peasants to be controlled.

I was truly disgusted by the pass given to Halliburton by the Cheney fans.  I am equally disgusted by the open disdain toward Bundy by the fans of the current administration.  I cannot understand how the loyalists of both wings cannot see what is happening.  Whether it's Halliburton or BLM, the average person is now ruled by an oligarchy.  The BLM already controls a great deal of Nevada, and makes contracts with the same companies that blow up nukes and justify fracking.  There are 29 contracts for Oil in the northern part of the state, already, and between Big Biz and Big Gov, what was once the free and open rangeland of "the Ponderosa" is now under federal management.

I, personally, see Harry Reid and Dick Cheney cut out of the same bolt of cloth.  If it's good for them and their "people" the rest of us simply do not matter.  Harry Reid is supposed to represent the people of Nevada, not lord over the constituents on behalf of the Federal government.

Just as Dick Cheney's people made a fortune on a war based upon "bad intelligence," Harry Reid has already vowed regarding Cliven Bundy, "it isn't over."  Granted, Harry Reid is supposed to be representing the entire state of Nevada, not just Cliven Bundy, but Harry Reid does not represent the federal government over Nevada!  Besides, from one interview I saw, the Cliven Bundy family does make up a fairly large segment of a sparse population.  With 14 children and spouses, and 48 grandchildren, that's a sizable number of related taxpayers in Clark County.

The pretense that this is to protect the desert tortoise is as ludicrous as Cheney's intelligence on Iraq.  The Department of Conservation is closing the center designated to protect the desert tortoises due to a lack of funding and only the ones deemed "healthy" will not be euthanized . . . For those who would consider any "animal adoption" via BLM, that is truly a life commitment of them breathing down your neck.  Perhaps, if the BLM had spent just a fraction of the money used to surround the Bundy ranch, the tortoises could have been funded.  The EPA will undoubtedly step in at some point to preserve water rights or something in the desert, because Cliven Bundy's cattle will need to be rationed regarding their water consumption or something outrageous!

We as American citizens have got to stop allowing the aristocratic politicians to continue to keep us divided along party lines.  I've seen some heinous comments and memes in regard to this situation; that have caused me to truly lose respect for some people, and I don't want to do that, because then I'm responding in exact accordance to what "the powers that be" have set out do.

. . . when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.  a Proverb of Holy Scripture
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