Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Which Came First

Which came first, elitist politicians, or the policy to favor elitism? America has always had it's hierarchy and aristocracy; although we dare not actually speak that. We simply make the "them and us references," with phrases like the other side of "the tracks" or the other side of "the aisle," or she married well or so-and-so married beneath them. We have it in all aspects of our society. Highly educated individuals are certainly held in social esteem over the drop-outs. The old saying, "money talks," continues be repeated, because money continues to talk . . .
And that's my point today. We assoicate elitism with dollars.

I probably shouldn't be posting this, but it's so easy to blame Washington for unfairness and waste, and although Washington DC certainly appears to lead the way in waste, I think the reality is we are a nation of elitists just wanting to feel opulent! The young adult generation has done it with instant gratification and a lifestyle of indebted "all out" spending, the Baby Boomers have done it with social security disability, the silent generation has done it with pensions and buy out social security and the greatest generation is doing it with inheritances, social security and nursing home power. We can't blame Washington DC, completely. The elected officials are just trying to keep enough of every generation happy to maintain their own job security.

I find waste reprehensible and I think the love of money in this country will truly receive the judgment the Bible warned about. I hear the young adult generation talk about how much all the older generations are wasting, but I've seen the younger one burn through cash at a rate that spins my head. I've also found myself helping the younger generation, only to have them return to the exact situation in which they solicited the rescue, and the "helpful" parents are the villains. I'm good with that standing. Being unpopular will only keep me from being included in the next bail out with no results . . .

My generation, the Baby Boomers, are without a doubt a sorry lot. We were the first generation to be raised on antibiotics, vaccinations, and television. Clearly a case of garbage in, garbage out. Granted, we are aging out of the work force, now, but I don't know very many boomers that didn't opt out early on some disability claim, anyway. I'm not saying all, but I do know several boomers that claim "retirement" in their 40's while also claiming 40 year careers. Modern math, I guess . . . I see why the rest of the country is sick of us. I changed careers every 3 years in my twenties and early thirties, until I finally came into the career G-d had planned for me. Of course, with MS, it was recommended that I follow the path of my generation and gouge the system for disability, but I took the road less traveled and I'm so glad I did. I've been in ministry and an author, for nearly 20 years and now at 55, I've been homesteading for nearly a decade. I don't even see retirement in my future and certainly don't feel disabled.

The silent generation is an enigma to me. They have their money and their stuff and now they are all over 70 and still nobody else does it right! Perfect! My mom has told me several times what she plans to leave whom and all I can say is, I hope the will gets read before I'm stuck cleaning the basement, garage, and attic. If I have my way, which I won't, it's not allowed, ever; to be fair . . . my sister and my daughter can have it all for themselves and their kids. Hopefully my grandkids would come out okay on that deal and that would be fine all the way around.

This greatest generation, what's left of them, is really a fascinating group. They have the inheritances of what is virtually the last of the family farms. They went to town as young women and made sure their kids went to town, so the land was ready for sale at the first opportunity. Now they have their social security, their inheritances, their medicare to make appointments to call their social life, and none of their kids can do it right either, because let's face the facts. Every generation raised the next one, and none of us want to be stuck in the mercy and care of what we produced! Now back to the greatest generation.

I'm privy to two of them in long term care, and they both have enough money to live in their chosen care facility, past the age of 100. Got the picture? So, one of them has decided she needs a special diet, suited to her "healthy, organic" choices. Her daughters want to make sure her choices will be freshly prepared every day! Really? Take your mom home and fix it then. Clearly you have the time, as none of you have jobs to go to either! The other situation was interesting in that this woman has chosen her own comforts and one of those is a kitchenette in her accommodations. Well she fell asleep warming her little rice heat bag, you know the alternative pain reliever . . . Fire alarm, evacuation preparation, smoke damage, you get the picture. The solution after all that. With a wink from the administrator, and a slight of hands on the report, she gets a new microwave and everyone else at the facility loses their little rice bags . . . Now all these people who probably don't have as much ready cash, have lost their freedom and choice, but she gets her microwave and the facility will probably get more medicare funding for pain meds, now that rice bags have been confiscated for the greater good and safety.

We can keep blaming Washington DC for all the waste and debt, but in reality, who is going to give up what they feel entitled to? I mean, aren't we all entitled to be accommodated by what someone else should have to provide?

Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish . . . a Prophet of Holy Scripture
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