Sunday, December 16, 2012

In Tribute and Memorial

For the next, nearly four weeks, this blog will be written to pay tribute to the individual lives of each of the victims of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, Connecticut. As the headlines continue to report about the embodiment of evil that perpetrated this horror, I simply cannot abide these precious lives to be just a list of names and ages in the news. These children had their whole lives ahead of them, and these educators made decisions that clearly put them in harms way, protecting the children in their care. That should be the headlines!
I cannot express how tired I became of seeing the shooter of Congresswoman Giffords, while the photos of his victims faded into national and historical obscurity after their funerals. The loss of a loved one, even when expected is painful. Unexpected deaths come with more emotions to process, and deaths which are both sudden and traumatic can actually affect the survivors in ways similar to post traumatic stress disorder; however, the loss of a child is something a heart just doesn't know how to begin to process.
I am not really going to have any specific order to these, other than to have the children first, because I believe that is also a tribute to the educators who gave their lives, to put these children first. Please feel free to share any information you may have about the lives of these people and the prayers for their friends and families.
The blog will post daily, except Sabbath.
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