Monday, July 30, 2012

Let's Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Many times and many venues, I've addressed the concerns I have for the next generations, and today I must give credit where credit is due to the previous generations. My generation has been given a great deal of credit for changing the country and raising up against the establishment, but that credit does not belong to the Baby Boomers. We really didn't do all that much except protest a war that wasn't a war and wasn't winnable. There was a specific generation that came before us that forever changed this nation and they are called the Greatest Generation. Many of them are still alive today while enjoying almost as many years in "retirement," as they actually worked. And many are enjoying survivor's benefits without having to have been in the work force for 40 years. Since we are just now entering the 45th year of Medicare, the persons that turn 65 this year and become eligible for Medicare are truly the first group to have actually paid into that entitlement, their entire working career. So, the Boomers will of course receive the credit/blame for bankrupting social security and medicare, but we really are the first generation to have funded both from the beginning and the Boomers just began to retire, but it's already running in the deficit, so mathematically speaking, something is amiss. Now, back to credit where credit is due. The Greatest Generation was the first to leave agriculture and self-employment. The greatest generation chose a paycheck and that basically translates to having chosen money above all else. And it's odd that this generation that so valued money, is the last to receive inheritances of any size. They really have obtained and control the majority of the wealth in this country. Oh, there are still inheritances for some, but for the most part, it was the Greatest Generation that made Life Insurance the legacy to their descendants, if the Company is still in business by the time the policy is payable. In summation, it was not the Baby Boomers, but the Greatest Generation that changed our nation, never to be the same. It's the Baby Boomers who now realize we have to keep paying into FICA and Medicare because our aging parents and grandparents are collecting in vast amounts over many, many years, and have already "cashed in" the inheritances. I think it will be the Baby Boomers that do rise up against the "establishment" and stop stealing from our grandchildren and actually return to the agrarian society the Greatest Generation left for "the love of money." I plan to leave my grandchildren, not only land, but the knowledge of G-d's provision from the land.
. . . for the children ought not to lay up for the parents, but the parents for the children. words of the Apostle Paul
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