Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Everybody Knows

Dear Statisticians of the Government and Investigative Journalists, there are a few "facts" that keep getting put before "we the people" that simply do not actually represent the truth, and everybody knows it!
Let's talk about the unemployment figures. Did you know that everybody knows the numbers are skewed based on the fact that many people have been unemployed so long they are no longer eligible for unemployment? Did you know the stats only reveal the percentage of people collecting unemployment checks? Everyone reading the reports knows that! Everybody knows . . .
How about median incomes and house sizes? We've been being prepared and conditioned, actually programmed, for the decline of "Middle Class" for years now. The television shows of the 80's reflected serious divisions coming among the people. Ownership has always been status, but when credit and rent replaced tangible assets with "appearances," the slippery slope gained momentum. As everyone attempts to want the same American dream, the divisions amidst society have become more aggressive and relentless. And now with the burst of the housing bubble, it seems the people lost their homes, while their tax dollars aided their own evictions. Everyone knows eventually the piper has to be paid. Everybody knows . . .
While we are living the Great Repression, it continues to be reported that we are in economic recovery. Because Wall Street doesn't need another bail out? Those on Main Street are still struggling and those that lost their jobs and homes aren't economically recovering. Everyone is well aware of the cost of groceries and the out of touch politicians that are promising all of us big futures and bigger debt. But then, the politicians haven't lost their jobs or houses and they don't have to worry about mandated health care premiums. Kind of looks like things have been going into place for a long time between banking and insurance. Everyone knows the term, "slowed recovery," is propaganda. Everyone knows . . .
How about weather of Biblical proportion? Third world countries know when the weather is bad, they've angered their god . . . We've had three horrible corn harvests since ethanol became a regular ingredient in our gasoline, and the price of chicken feed has more than doubled. Not to mention the fact that gasoline really didn't get any cheaper, either! Could ethanol greed and Monsanto arrogance be a contributing factor to weather of Biblical proportion resulting in the corn crop failure?
It would seem the one thing everybody doesn't know, is how much worse it will get.
Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.
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