Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Grieving Mother Faces Stupidity

Raquel Nelson has faced something I just can't fathom. Her four year old son became a traffic fatality and she was charged in his death. There are several details about this case that caught my attention and to be honest, I wasn't following it until yesterday. It was a headline yesterday, that she would be sentenced today, and so I had to see a bit more about this bizarre situation. First, let me say, the judge, although still a bit harsh by my perspective did spare the grieving woman any jail time, so she will not be separated from her two surviving children. The woman was given 1 year probation and 40 hours community service. All this because she crossed the road, with her children, outside of a cross walk. I can't get over this! Maybe she and I are the only ones that have ever done this, but I don't think so. Does everyone always cross a street within the white lines of the cross walk? Even the article indicated several people had gotten off the bus when she did and many of them crossed right there, rather than walking on down to the crosswalk, but that's not all . . . I am very saddened that her four year old darted away from her and heading into the traffic which caused his death, but even if she was in the cross walk, he darted away. He'd have still been outside the "white lines." Granted, maybe the traffic would have been stopped, but none of us will ever know. The real grabber in this mess was one of the charges this woman faced. Among other charges, this mother was charged with vehicular manslaughter. She was a pedestrian!!! I was also shocked that a jury found her guilty of vehicular manslaughter. Juries are comprised of voters, so in light of what we have in Washington, I guess I shouldn't be so surprised about their verdict. I'm glad the woman didn't face any jail time and I'm sure she'll never cross a street outside of the cross walk again, but I simply can't imagine with all the real crimes in this nation, why our legal system would take the time and spend the money to add insult to injury to this bereaved mother.
Come now, and let us reason together, saith YHWH . . . a Prophet of Holy Scripture
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