Thursday, March 31, 2011

An Interesting Generation

I've started this blog several times, but after the first paragraph, I just sound like a cranky old lady, so I'll try yet again. I've taken notice of a type of man that is in the generation younger than myself. These are the men, if you can call them that, that are mid-thirties. Please hear me, I am not talking about the entire lot of them, but I do see a thread that runs pretty connected through a particular group of these guys. They were the first to have electronic video games. They grew up with working moms and either absent or pre-occupied dads. So, they apparently retreated into their own shell of an existence, because now here twenty some years later, they seem to have the social skills of belligerent third graders that think Mario brothers are reality! They still socialize like frat boys, many of them manage to attract and live off of a woman with a fairly good job, and many of them spend their free time with more videos and for reality, they obsess over guns. I think what I find so sadly amusing is how little respect they show, while expecting others to listen to them and treat them like men. Well, today, I've just seen enough of these little bully boys in men's bodies, that I felt the need to blog. They like everyone to consider them a presence to be acknowledged, and so I do. I realize there are many in that age group that are still living in their parent's basement spending inordinate amounts of time on a computer or Wii. I'm glad these guys realized they weren't really interested in participating in polite society and KUDOS to the parents that let them stay in the basement and not make the rest of society deal with them. Now to the parents who couldn't provide a basement room for their loser boys, thanks so much. We parents, neighbors, friends of parents, and employers of the young women that support these losers really think our society will not recover from their input. Surely there's a politically correct term for them, or there will be soon. They are heading for 40 without any sense of responsibility or contribution. But they have big trucks, guns, and some woman, so they think they're men. If these boys represent a sizable percentage the next generation of men, this country will truly never recover.
For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat. New Testament
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