Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Investing, Passion, and Talents

An interesting situation came into my awareness recently that really has me thinking, not about the suggestion, but rather how very different Americans now define investing.  I'm going to get a little preachy, in this one.  It's as though, many Americans are "investing" in instant gratification, or apathetically determining where they will simply exist and suck air until they are pushing up daisies.  Those who are into "old school" investing, are investing in "money" for their long term health care.  Very few are actually investing in their own purpose and talents, or pursuing a way to leave an inheritance.  Many Americans are simply "investing" in superficial interests, entertainment, excess, and/or debt. . .

I believe I have been called to establish a small homestead and minister to folks in the Name of Y'hshuah.  So many claim to believe he lived a perfect life according to the Laws of our Creator, and I agree, but he called those whom he chose to follow him.   The debate begins when it comes to how we "follow" him.  I truly don't understand the debate.  The Instructions or Laws by which he lived are recorded, so the debate is man made.  The Holy Spirit will never confirm or lead anyone away from Scripture, ever!  So, back to my call and what I've been doing that came into question, recently.  I will also include, even if I'm mistaken about some of the details of this homestead, the offer I received would place me much farther away from the Father's will for my life.  Thankfully, it's not even a temptation.

My daughter and son-in-law both recently visited, but they weren't together for the visit.  Both were in the area at different times on other business, and I live in the general area.  My son-in-law was here first.  When my daughter called, to relay the report he'd given, it was all so positive, except the part that I had experienced a pretty serious accident earlier in the year.  I had failed to mention that at the time . . . But she said he spoke of the village, and the new buildings, the livestock, and the delicious fresh tomatoes, etc.  A month later, my daughter visited, and shared with my granddaughter, nothing but a bad report.  The reports were so different, you'd think they weren't even describing the same place.  Now, we move on into the investment portion of this article.

They moved to Phoenix, AZ five years ago.  In that time, they've posted photos of great trips, beautiful landscapes, as well as their backyard in ground pool at the house they rent.  My daughter got into real estate a couple of years ago, but they still haven't actually made any real estate purchases in the area.  In that same five years, I've added fence for pasture rotation, bought a cow and a milk barn, a greenhouse, a nice new storage shed, a new goat milk parlor, as the first one is now our "power station" for wind and solar, which has also been added in the last five years.  The orchard is now producing, and I'm relocating some indigenous berry plants and bushes to protect them from destruction along the fence rows under the power lines.  So far the elderberries are doing well, with raspberries and blackberries to be added.  Then there's the learning village that was added last year.  I am a year behind, due to the injury in the spring, but YaH willing, I'll be catching up.  I have also added a small mineral pool which has aided my recovery, dramatically.  And a larger pool is here and due to be installed before winter.

Just last week, after her visit, she sent me a real estate listing.  Forty acres for just under $50,000.  It has a well and septic and cacti . . .  Imagine my surprise when she called trying to convince me to buy that property and relocate!  I mentioned my call of G-d and my investment here, to which she continue to pitch the sale.   She even mentioned that I'm getting too old to be managing this 10 acres.  I knew when I came here, this was my call and my purpose for the rest of my days.  I'm not too old to serve my Heavenly Father, manage 10 acres with my critters, teach simplicity, and write.  I am too old, however; to buy any more fixer uppers or establish another homestead . . . in the desert.  This was wilderness when I arrived in 2009, and now it's a bustling, productive homestead with folks coming to fellowship and learn.  Father has blessed me to invest in sharing the talents He gave me and gifted me with a passion to serve Him.  I shall not be moved.

And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.  Psalmist of Holy Scripture
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