Monday, November 16, 2015

Just a Strange "What if? . . ."

This is not claiming any insight or inside information, nor is it accusing our president of any of the things that have been questioned and gone strangely unanswered or at least unsatisfactorily.  I'm only posing the possibility . . .

What if, at the end of his second term, or just after next year's election, if some emergency doesn't disrupt the 2016 election . . . Wow, if some emergency disrupts the election, we could be living in Obamaville indefinitely . . . In which case probably even the staunchest of conservatives will want pot legalized and the teetotalers may take up drinking, as Obamacare won't offer enough painkillers by prescription.
Yet I digress . . . back to my "What if?"

Let's imagine the elections go without a hitch and the Obamas will be moving out in January.  I'll choose an arbitrary day, say the day after Congress is sworn in with their new raise.  Picture, later that evening, President Obama comes on national television with a special address, since he won't be giving the State of the Union Address . . .

First, he addresses America without using "my fellow Americans" and immediately directs his comments to the birthers and the loyal followers against the birthers.  Everybody is right!  >My mother was only 18 years old and by Constitutional law, since she had not been out of Kansas for 5 years, I am an American citizen, regardless of my actual birth country.  Now, with that being said, the birthers got it, too.  The hospital on my Hawaiian birth certificate didn't exist in 1961.  BUSTED . . .  You know, rather than divide over my birth certificate, someone could have simply asked for the Passport records for my years in Indonesia.  That would have made my country of citizenship quite clear, or my lawyer much wealthier.

Although I spoke of my beliefs and claimed to be Christian, many Americans are just sure I'm a secret Muslim.  The fact of the matter is, the Muslim world bases one's religion upon the religion of the father, and my father was Muslim.  That fact, however; doesn't mean the son has the same beliefs.<

It is the personal opinion of this reporter that Mr. Obama serves himself.  He seems, in my humble opinion, very content with his god complex.  Perhaps he has claimed the religion of his father, perhaps he's claimed Jeremiah Wright's version of Christianity, or perhaps, like many Americans he'd simply state he believes in doing what is right in his own eyes and what serves his own best interest.

Next, he mentions the girls.  Imagine him openly stating, with the territorial aggression of a protective father, "they are our daughters, but not biologically."  There are no baby photos because we hadn't yet adopted them.  There are no photos of Michelle pregnant, because that simply did not happen.  I'm all about a transparent reality . . . In a country that is so abhorrent toward abortion, you should celebrate the adoption of our two daughters.

Finally, he then mentions Michelle, whom may have been referenced Michael.  Joan Rivers died just a week after saying Michelle was a "tranny."  I can hear him now, saying, when he came into office he was quite nervous about his stand on traditional marriage knowing he and "Michelle" had a very unique situation.  He wasn't sure the Supreme Court would open the door for him to be able to be "transparent in his evolving views, but felt they would.  Before the Supreme Court decision, he did have some concerns about his relationship, but clearly he and Michelle/Michael are now the all American image of "marriage equality."

I believe it's just a strange feeling or even just a whim of imagination in political satire.  Can you imagine, either way, Mr. Obama's body language and tone if he were to state the following?   >Everything I've stated tonight was already a fact eight years ago and four years ago, now what are you going to do about it?  I was elected, and there is nothing in the Constitution or Bill of Rights that state I couldn't have been.  My mother's citizenship and age makes me a natural born citizen.  Religion and sexual identity are not factors in holding the office, and as for adopted children . . . Ronald Reagan was not only divorced but also a father by adoption.

Our inheritance is turned to strangers, our houses to aliens.  a Lament of the Prophet
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