Sunday, February 08, 2015

Are Our Values Reflected in Our Media Interest?

This week in the news are two very unsettling reports, presented in extreme bias that I find accurately portrays the true condition of our society.  Two extreme examples of the LGBT Agenda crossed my newsfeed this week, and I hope there is still enough freedom for this article to adequately express this parallel perspective.

I began following the case of "Sweetcakes by Melissa" back when this family owned bakery was first viciously targeted by the LGBT Community with media hype that fueled the aggression.  Melissa Klein is an artist!  Because she uses buttercream and fondant rather than oils and watercolors, doesn't make her any less of a creative artist who should be able to express her art in the same freedom, any other artist enjoys.  As I listened to how she works to create the perfect wedding cake for each couple, there is no doubt, she's an artist of great talent who has been attacked.  Her website holds the tagline, "It's not just cake, it's dessert!"  As a cake lover visiting her site, I can enthusiastically declare, "It's not just cake, it's edible art!"

An artist like Andres Serrano who also doesn't use traditional mediums of paints or chalks, is defended in the "name of artistic freedom."  Melissa Klein deserves the same recognition and protection under our Bill of Rights.  Andres Serrano is only an example of the way our system works.  He is not the other topic of this article; Bruce Jenner is.

When I first saw the Kardashian-Jenner drama building, I truly thought it might be a publicity stunt to boost ratings.  Until 2012, I hadn't heard the Kardashian name since the O.J. trial.  When my daughter and her husband were supposedly coming on board in this homesteading project, she lamented that she wasn't sure she could give up her television and stop "Keeping up with the Kardashians."  She then proceeded to explain that the 1976 gold medal Olympian was part of that reality show.  Since I don't really keep up on folks who are famous for being famous, I just thought their reality show had probably run it's course, and then some . . . but as the news continues, Bruce, at 65, is ready to share the secret he's carried for so many years . . . while fathering six children.

The fact that he is celebrated and lauded as bold, while a mother of five is persecuted and fined speaks volumes about our nation.  I'm not going to give his decision much time and attention, although I do find his obsession, pitiable; and even sadder, the media's obsession to make this some sort of decision to be celebrated.  Also weighing on this was Zoey Tur, formerly, the ruggedly handsome "Chopper Bob" who reported from the helicopter, the OJ "chase" in 1994.  He's now had his "gender reassignment" surgery.  At 54 or 65 years old, is it really so important to change one's non-functional reproductive anatomy?  As a woman, I can tell you, men generally age better than women.  Truly beautiful women do pass their prime, as a rule.  A man choosing to become a middle aged woman is not going to be pretty.  Bruce Jenner is billed as a motivational speaker.  How does one encourage others when they cannot come to terms with their own form in the mirror?

As I watched the video in which Melissa Klein described the way she created wedding cakes and the passion in which she expresses her art, then compare that to a dissatisfied aging athlete, America truly has developed a strange standard in what is appreciated.  In a Google search, nearly all of the articles about Melissa Klein included the term "anti-gay" portraying this amazingly gifted artist to be the villain rather than the victim of a bullying agenda.  Meanwhile, the articles about Mr. Jenner are very supportive in that everyone is so happy that Bruce can be "true to himself."  Whether this is a Kardashian publicity stunt for a new "reality season," a cry for attention from an aging drama queen, or Mr. Jenner is actually preparing to become a eunuch, the media coverage and public interest has been phenomenal.  I find it sad that America now applauds this drama, while dishonoring someone standing for their values.

Haven't we always been led to believe it is a barbaric society that would exalt genital mutilation over creative expression?

 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!  

Sadly, Mr. Jenner has made the headlines once again having been in an auto accident.  Seven people were injured, some taken to a nearby hospital and Kim Howe, 69, lost her life in that horrific accident.
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