Wednesday, September 07, 2011

What Will Happen as the Campaign Season Unfolds?

We've had the first GOP debate on the heels of President Obama's drop in the polls, on the threshold of a shaky gold market, on the brink of unemployment upheaval, and at what could be the final fork in the road for much of the Middle Class. And we are having another GOP debate tonight. I've been thinking about these primary debates and I think there's more than meets the eye, to these events. First, when there is a sitting incumbent running, usually only one party does these primary debates. I think it immediately puts the challenging party at a disadvantage, mares than just the fact the other party is already in. As I read about Rick Perry upstaging Michelle Bachmann on her straw poll win and Rick Perry sparring with Mitt Romney about employment and health care, and now all three are bickering over social security, because they realize the Tea Party is a force to be reckoned with, and since a great number of the Tea Partiers appear to be screaming "less government but don't take my social security!" and "we don't want socialized medicine, because that will wreck up my Medicare!" These three candidates have to hash it out or risk geriatric jihad on their campaign.
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